2021 CBA CREATION SPACE – FIELDWORK In 2021, as a result of an extension planned for the CBA cultural centre, Irun City Council’s culture department will begin to reflect on a part of this extension that will be used as a creative space. We are currently reflecting on the conception of the content in general […]


2021 KONTENPORANEA #5 Kontenporanea is a contemporary culture meeting promoted by Irun City Council and organised by young professionals from the fields of art, culture and design. Under a collective and collaborative format, each one forms part of a gear with the aim of giving visibility to the artistic projects that exist in our territory […]


2021 RIBERA #6 THE MEMORY OF THE BIDASOA THROUGH ART.The aim of this programme is to combine contemporary art proposals with historical memory, as well as the culture of water and its influence on social relations in the city. It is based on artistic processes from multiple disciplines in a commitment to co-creation, participation, research […]


2020 RIBERA #5 THE MEMORY OF BIDASOA THROUGH ART   Ribera is held in the public space, along the banks of Bidasoa river, a core part of the region’s identity, and offers new perspectives of this memory space from the point of view of art. This programme values the memory of the Bidasoa river through […]


2019 CREATIVE INDUSTRIES DAY #7 A meeting to share the knowledge and actions of innovation The cultural and creative industries are one of the driving sectors today, due to their strategic role in the new knowledge economy and their high added value. The Creative Industries Day is an opportunity to learn about business initiatives in […]


2019 CREATIVE NEIGHBORHOOD #3 ART AS A TOOL OF SOCIAL COHESION This program, organized by the Irun City Council and managed by Bitamine Faktoria, promotes art as a tool for social cohesion and dynamization. The neighborhood acquires a commitment to active participation during an open process where the main group, made up of individuals and […]