“This is Archipiel” proposes a reflection on the communicative abilities and the importance of some non-verbal languages (music, sound, gesture…), the relationship of written language with the speech, the importance of communication in interpersonal relations and the infinite mutability of the situations and roles that people assume when interacting with each other.

The action of Archipiel is structured around the use of noise and silence as the limit and material of a musical discourse, the simultaneity of independent proposals, the driving by gesture as a shared open code and the uniqueness in an improvisation guided by hidden instructions. Barriuso and LeGardon articulate a show whose meaning is not explicit, where the audience participates in different degrees of understanding and where they share complicity with the duo in each of the ongoing processes. They build a network of reading intentions, of references and possible meanings that make up a surprising and unique experience.

The exploration of voice resources is organically expanded by using different types of microphones and an old echo-tape unit manipulated in real time by the performers themselves. In this way textures are achieved distantly from conventional acoustics, incorporating the usage of noises and electronic sounds as another elements of a contemporary musical discourse.

Selected project of the Cross-Border Aid 2015.


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