His engagement and development as a residence in the Basque context has focused on the relationship between the individual/society and the territory, based on conceptual nodes such as history, culture, politics, landscape and language. The analyzed documentation and fieldwork that included interviews and trips in different cities in the Basque territory, focused attention on the border as a graphic symbol, as a mobile and invisible concept, as mental imposition; hence in the title it is addressed in plural and not in singular. The reflections claimed for the execution of plastic exercises where the image (photography and video) and the action in public space as tools in accordance with the concerns revealed during the stay.

Jorge Marín was born in Ciudad Bolívar (Antioquia, Colombia) in 1986, he lives and works between Medellín and Jardín. He is a master of plastic arts (2012) and a graphic designer (2007). He was a professor in digital photography and history, and appreciation of art at the University of Antioquia.

During the recent years, he has focused his practice on participation themed artistic residencies in national and international independent spaces. He has obtained different recognitions and scholarships such as the nomination for the V Sara Modiano Award (2017). His work is based on multidisciplinary methodologies, allowing him to work with architects, historians, anthropologists, musicians, writers, among others. Recently he exhibited his solo project: “Brevísima relación de la destrucción de las Indias” (2016) a research based on the process of conquering the new world and about the official history described in Spanish colonial literature, at the Museum of Modern Art in Medellin. As co-author he also participated in the book “La línea sin reposo” (2016), a catalogue about fictional artists.


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