The short film titled “La Mise en Bouche” is a conceptual film that mixes the experimental with fiction, with an intention to approach it as an advertisement tape format.

As its name suggests, “La Mise en Bouche” is an aperitif of a feature film called “Crazytown”, which script’s we are currently working on.

This short film mainly aims to raise awareness of producers and the potential for partners who wish to be involved in the upcoming project.

“La Mise en Bouche” has its own original script, showing only the details, atmospheres and the line of the feature film. The film is a concept inspired by the series made by Alfred Hitchcock: “Alfred Hitchcock presents”. It carries the same narrative principle, a story or a fact, narrated by a character outside the scene. This short text, often interpreted by Alfred Hitchcock himself, is intended to present the theme and atmosphere of the next film in a distant and intellectual way.

We use the same form of the narrator’s appearance, by him wearing a white tuxedo.

Images from the production of the movie ‘La Mise En Bouche’, are one of the projects selected for Bitamine Faktoria’s 2014 Cross-Border Creation Grants.


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