Larraitz Torres (Irun, 1979)

Analphabet Orchestra is sessions convening a group that divides their practice into two main situations. One deals with talking about artistic processes (first intentions, then transformations and results, if there are any) and the other one is playing instruments.

Surrounding these two and between them, emerges a place of analogies and any bubbling facts for joint research and collective experience.

The performance works like this: listening to several well-known songs from disparate bands by using headphones. Playing instruments (preferably without knowing how to do it or trying not to use the technique), attempting to imitate the songs, while listening to what other people do. The practice is based on collective and intuitive translation and comes from the need to practice a new language (since it is illiterate) through a mechanism where one is both receiver and emitter at the same time, of the very same body, next to the other. Thus, the fragmentation is experienced within a group and enables flexibility in comprehension.

Speaking in such a way I propose videos, quotations, facts, pieces by artists, etc. to prepare the ground where different fields, disciplines, genres or situations would relate in order to delve into ideas such as non-specialisation, art as an exception, or the present sense of translation or interpretation.

Every session takes place under different circumstances that generate unique content for each one.

We share the video that presents the activities carried out within the frame of the EAS-EZE Program to Internalize Contemporary Basque Art, during the stay in Buenos Aires (Argentina).

Analphabet Orchestra


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