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    Artistic Resume (5000 characters max), with references to websites, images, videos, etc. of the most recent works

    Descriptive text of the project presented (maximum 800 characters) statement or artist's statement (500 characters maximum) and a brief biography (800 characters). These texts must be written in Basque and Spanish.

    Project work plan presented and physical and technical needs (4000 characters max)

    I have read and accepted these bases and the decisions of the Jury in any of the phases.

    When filting in the data of this Bitamine Faktoria application, | consider myself informed and accept the PRIVACY POLICY and the LEGAL NOTICE that exists on the website www and | give consent to treat my personal data in an automated file in order that they can communicate with me to be able to establish labor relations. | am informed that | can revoke this consent at any time and according to Law 3/2018 LOPDGDD easily and free of charge at any of the addresses or telephone numbers included in this website.