Iker Martín, Eric Lenormand.

With the show Sinestesia, Ker Ker – the saxophonist duo formed by Iker Martín and Eric Lenormand – proposes an resonance ambient of their musical universe with the set designer and visual artist Edorta Subijana.
In Sinestesia, the stage space becomes a field of play and dialogue. The different musical works interact with the projected images in a flexible structure consisting of several screens, which allows the modulation of scenography and projection, making it possible to adapt to different scenic spaces.

The repertoire of the selected works includes contemporary music written between 1994 and the present, with a debut work. Very different compositional languages, for which visual pieces have been created that in turn interact with live sound in various ways.

Nobuya Marimba (1994) by Steve Reich (American composer)
Minimalist music, originally written for 2 marimbas.
Transcription by Iker Martin for 2 alto saxophones

Slap me (2005) by Barry Cockcroft (Australian composer)
Bluesy Inspiration
For 2 high saxophones

Urbia (premiere) by Guillermo Lauzurika (Basque composer, Vitoria)
For tenor saxophone and electroacoustics

Buku (2006) by Jacob Ter Veldhuis (Dutch composer)
For alto saxophone and electroacoustics (boombox)
Jazz inspiration

Pimpin (2008) by Jacob Ter Veldhuis
For baritone saxophone and electroacoustics (boombox)
Inspired social criticism

Night Bird (1996) by Karen Tanaka (Japanese composer)
For alto saxophone and electroacoustics
Zen inspiration, new-age

Folks Songs (premiere), original idea by Iker Martín.
Basque songs, melodies and timbres revisited by saxophones with effects pedals.


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