Itinerant artistic project in Euskal Herria.
Carried out by the Arcad Association.

It is a creation project which nourished by ethnosociological observations and encounters with inhabitants what will be demonstrated in a form of creations and artistic experimentations in situ, and a presentation on both sides of the border.

The itinerary is chosen that draws a swing, a “seam” from one side of the border to the other, with stages in towns and villages located as close as possible to this line.

Since we are both from Bayonne, this work was born out of a desire to explore and create in, and around the border between France and Spain, in the heart of the Basque Country in . This cross-border country that seems so close and so far at the same time, would be the ideal testing ground to discover the histories of territory, borders and identity.

The border marks the place of the crossing, it becomes a blurred margin and its function of “separation” is replaced by the function of “interface” between regions as nets. It derives from these reflections that we have begun to develop an itinerant artistic project, with a subjective geography that oscillates between researches, encounters, experimentation and creation on site.

From a successive approach to villages, roads, landscapes, to people and their daily lives, we collect photographs, words, objects and other “encounters” to form a documented support that follows up the guideline of our journey. As visual artists, we wanted this project to be the result of a cross-border artistic collaboration and thus allow more artists to take action in the landscape.

Accompanied by five other artists from the Basque Country we will carry out a series of works based on this cross-border route. The “recomposed landscapes” would be a reflection of a sensitive and imaginative representation of a place’s experience. It is also a work of connection, to intensify the local art scene and the cross-border artistic exchange. This will engender different meetings, relationships and erase their traces.

The final result of the project will be an exhibition about the entire process opening in July 2016, distributed among the Mendi Zolan cultural centre (Hendaia) and the Irun Factory Exhibition Hall (Irun). The five selected artists will also participate in the exhibition.

Throught the inauguration, this cross-border exhibition will be connected by alternative means of transport (bicycles, tuk-tuk, etc…).
We invite you to visit the blog of the site / project for better understanding.

Mobile Territories is accompanied by the Arcad Association and supported by the Basque Cultural Institute, the Mendi Zolan Cultural Centre in Hendaia and the Bitamine Faktoria creative factory in Irun.

Selected project of the Cross-Border Aid 2015.


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